About Us

Our Company

BCI is a full service Private Equity Investment Manager. We originate and manage opportunistic deals in their own SPV and invite Institutional, Family Office and High Net Worth investors to join us in structured investments. We have an active deal flow and investors can cherry pick which deals to participate in. Structures can range from one large investor to several strategic.

We are not a fund but instead operate on a deal-by-deal basis providing our investors with concise and relevant information, once a deal has been secured. This highlights the deal attributes, a clear business plan and the target for investor returns. Investors then contact us if they require further information and are interested in participation.

BCI creates an SPV for the investment and carries out all of the financing and asset management providing a full service approach for investors. Given our broad base of asset management skills within the Private Equity Real Estate business we are sometimes mandated by specific investors to search for a particular asset type, which we then operate on behalf of the investor. BCI seeks to underwrite all of its own deals.

Our Philosophy

BCI provides investment management where we believe the potential for reward outweighs the risk entailed. All of our investment activities operate according to the unifying philosophy that follows:

  • The primacy of risk control
  • Emphasis on consistency and the importance of market inefficiency
  • The benefits of specialization
  • Macro-forecasting not critical to investing
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Our Principles

We are guided by our business principles and our strategies operate according to our unifying investment philosophy.

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Our Investors



We have a large number of institutional partners that provide debt and equity across our product platform and specific partners that support narrower strategies and product niches.


Family Offices

We have a number of major Family Offices and their partners who either participate in syndicates, fully fund single deals and even create programmatic strategies with Henley. We have specific mandates to search for assets that are desired for long-term hold by some large Family Office groups.


High Net Worth

We have a significant number of High Net Worth investors who are invited to participate in deals on a syndicated basis.

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Next Step

"Our investment philosophy is centred on delivering consistent, positive returns focusing on risk management and capital preservation"

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