BCI Energy




We focus solely on operating companies in the energy efficiency, resource efficiency and renewable energy sectors, exploiting the commercial opportunities brought about by a large scale transition to a low carbon, global economy.

Our investment thesis is underpinned by a product or service providing a real solution or cost advantage, either in a growing niche segment of the market or with the potential to disrupt a large, established market deployed by best-in-class management teams.

Our clean energy investments balance certainty, integrity and sustainability.


Our portfolio

We operate a diversified portfolio of complementary clean energy assets.

We follow an aggregation strategy, investing in complementary assets in large markets.

Our portfolio is diversified to reduce technology, resource and regulatory risk – but aggregated to deliver cost synergies and refinancing opportunities.


Geographic Focus

We only operate in markets that are committed to a clean energy future.

BCI Capital advisory board and investment committee ensures a well-diversified portfolio across wind, solar, and small hydro power generating technologies. We work with trusted partners to develop, build and manage the assets together.

We focus on markets with:

  • A robust regulatory regime;
  • A firm government commitment to alternative energy;
  • A strong legal system.



BCI Energy has deep renewable energy and power engineering, construction and investment experience in developing markets, where it is a focused investor, developer and deliverer of renewable power assets.

BCI works with its partner companies to provide engineering, management and financial support, whilst offering the ability to act as a bankable sponsor for renewable power projects. Once built, BCI Energy matures and consolidates its assets regionally or by technology into operating portfolios which it would seek to exit.

Our approach is hands-on, asset-first, technically orientated. We look to receive our returns through holding equity in well-conceived and constructed projects and not through development fees, consultancy or asset-flipping.