BCI Real Estate




BCI Real Estate Investments capitalize on our network of relationships, multi-disciplinary capabilities and deep proprietary research. We adhere to a fundamental investment philosophy and strategy which emphasizes risk control and downside protection. We target a diverse range of opportunities across all areas of real estate, with an emphasis on debt or equity investments in commercial real estate, corporate real estate, structured finance, commercial NPLs and residential real estate.


Real Estate Opportunities

BCI Real Estate Opportunities pursues a wide range of investment opportunities, across five areas of investment focus (commercial real estate, corporate real estate, structured finance, commercial non-performing loans and residential real estate). Investments may include direct property investments; investments in real estate-related corporations; residential land, distressed assets or development projects. The group will also occasionally pursue development opportunities with aligned, high-quality partners. Our opportunistic approach and our team’s extensive expertise at the intersection of real estate and distressed debt allows us to capitalize on continued flow of over-leveraged and distressed real estate in need of rescue capital or asset re-positioning.

"Our investments emphasize BCI’s bedrock philosophy of risk control, and fall into one or more of the following strategic areas, in order of priority: distress, inefficiency, value-added and long-term growth."


Real Estate Value-Add

The Real Estate Value-Add strategy seeks to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns through investments in high-quality real estate assets with an emphasis on income and long-term growth.

This strategy targets commercial real estate assets, with a particular emphasis on office, multifamily, industrial, and retail properties primarily aimed primarily for residential conversion alternatively a re-positioning of the asset is sought to increase its commercial utility. It also considers debt and other income-producing investments on a limited basis.

The Real Estate Value-Add strategy aims to provide our clients with attractive current income and value-add upside potential.

Consistent with BCI’s investment philosophy, the Real Estate Value-Add strategy emphasizes the importance of market inefficiency, consistency and controlling risk. The team utilizes its existing infrastructure and relationships to acquire value-add real estate investments. The strategy mitigates downside risk by identifying discounted assets relative to intrinsic value and replacement cost, diversifying positions by property type and geography, and conservatively managing leverage.